Where can I get a quick overview of New Ground?

Find the New Ground Fact Sheet here.

Is New Ground a scientific journal? Does it publish scholarly literature?

No. New Ground does not publish primary research.

What are the most prominent features of New Ground?

  • New Ground Research Articles report in-depth on selected scientific publications.
  • New Ground Research Articles are written by Ph.D.-qualified expert science writers and edited by New Ground’s editorial team.
  • New Ground Research Articles are reviewed by the senior author of the underlying scientific publication.
  • New Ground Research Articles are assigned an article number and volume number and are citable via a persistent Crossref DOI.
  • Anyone is free to republish New Ground Research Articles elsewhere, even in a modified form (CC-BY-license).

Why do you not inform on this website about the fees that you charge for a publication?

The primary research on which New Ground reports are very different in scope, complexity, and length. Therefore, the necessary efforts of the New Ground author, editor, and proofreader greatly vary as well. A cost-covering fee needs to be calculated individually to take this variety into account.

How to reuse New Ground articles?

All New Ground Research Articles – but not the graphics or images – can be shared and modified under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, the terms of which are explained here.

Simply put – but read the terms, please – you are free to:

  • share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • modify — remix, transform, and build upon the material

for any purpose, even commercially, as long as you give due credit.

Each New Ground Research Article page suggests a way to credit the article presented. This credit is sufficient if you reuse the article without modification.

There are many more ways to duly credit articles, however. You can find suitable information on the Creative Commons site on How to give attribution.

Each New Ground Research Article page also suggests a way to cite the article presented.

A "New Ground Research Article": what can I imagine by this term?

New Ground Research Articles are carefully edited representations of selected articles from renowned researchers published in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals. These articles aren’t mere summaries. While keeping the level high, they add context and reasoning to help researchers with different specializations understand what was done. They denote the precise technical terms for the major methods used – like “Monte Carlo simulation“ or “scRNA-seq“ – and give a short explanation while not going into detail. They cut their own path through the research paper while aiming at a “flow“ and a “good read“. So they are an independent genre of text, but true to the content they are based upon.

Data privacy

New Ground does not track or identify its users. For more information see New Ground's privacy policy.